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Tokenizing, democratizing, and funding space. Building an unlimited future for all of humanity. Join us!


Today space launch business feels lack of funding from traditional investors. And we want to change this once and for all! Now, we plan to raise $5m by releasing 15m tokens. We have already secured the support of venture financing in the person of two investment funds. Now you can join us!



Meet ABUSS — fully transparent ethereum-based network of professionals designed to reach their highest potential inside the global space sector.

ABUSS use blockchain, combination of crypto-currency market and space launch services marketplace. ABUSS tokens shall be based on Etherium smart contract.

We are successful company with highly qualified specialists who have experience in top companies of the aerospace and financial industry. Our experience will allow Investors to participate in the development of the market of low-cost space launches by financing a share in the company, as well as getting a current highly liquid financial instrument in the form of tokens for making deals in the global market.




This space launch system shall provide space launch services for satellite customers for ABUSS tokens only. Space launch services business shall infuse huge social utility into cryptocurrency market. Customers can leave us all the questions related to the composition of payloads and the organization of future missions. We will search for launch service, will go through the licensing procedure and we will control the launch process for you. We offer the most access to global launch opportunities, along with comprehensive launch and integration services.